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Transport to industrial estate zone in Thailand ...
( Limousine to industrial estate zone in Thailand )

We offer our with any transfer to industrial estate zone in Thailand. No need for official contact and/or any agency aggreement. Just booking our transport service to any industrial estate zone in Thailand. You special rate for transport you to your Zone requested is automatic apply.

Please contact us for your further information and any discount apply ...
Our Official Address for any further Contact.

ѷ ⡨ӡѴ
2078 SinThorn OnNut Village Soi.7
Lardkrabang Bangkok 10250
Tel. (+662) 739-2086
Fax. (+662) 739-2087

Hotline : (+668) 913-2-9080
website: www.siam2go.net
email : booking@siam2go.net

email to us directly to quote your Special Price ...

 Please Send Email or Call us with your Full information

 1. Your name .
 2. Your Active E Mail and you Phone Number. ( All must be Active )
 3. How many of your estimate transfer will be use per month.

Our offer
1. 10% Discount Flat rate for our standard both One way and Round Trip.
2. 15% Discount Flat rate for roundtrip within one day.
3. No need for contract ( for individual ) special rate will be apply to our standard Price.
4. More than 30 Trip ( For company that need for transfer your staff permanently basis ).
..... Please contact for more discount .....
5. Include for all express way, gasoline and driver fee.
6. Complimentaly miracle water for all Passanger for every trip.

Hotline 24 Hours : (668) 9132-9080

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